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Grupo Policlinica counts with four Physiotherapy and Rehab places in the island of Ibiza, two in the middle of Ibiza town, another one in Sa Residencia (house for the elderly) and another one in San Antonio.

The four centres offer our patients the possibility to receive the most adequate treatment according to their pathology, in a comfortable and personalised way.

Our main goal is to provide our patients with a top-quality service, focusing on early recovery through a tailored, warm treatment.

Our belonging to one of the most important healthcare groups on the Balearic Islands is our most valuable asset. Today, Policlínica Group is doing its best to become a renowned group both nationally and internationally thanks to its quality certificates.

Our investment in technical equipments and training staff over Policlínica Group’s nearly 50 years’ experience ensures that our clients will feel comfortable and supported.

Physiotherapy (from Greek physis, ‘nature’, and therapéia, ‘treatment’) is a health discipline offering a non-pharmacological therapeutic alternative to palliate and prevent symptoms of multiple pathologies, both acute and chronic, via therapeutic exercise, heat, cold, light, water, and manual techniques, including massage and electricity.

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