Latest equipment

ALTER G antigravity treadmill

Our latest novelty in our physiotherapy clinic is the ALTER G antigravity treadmill, the only one of its kind in Ibiza. This machine will help you to recover in record time from an injury.

This anti-gravity treadmill consists of a treadmill that uses the NASA anti-gravity system. It means that you don’t feel the weight of your body and you can run even if you are injured. In other words, you can run as if you were running in space.

cinta abtigravedad ALTER G

INDIBA radiofrequency. Instant cell activation without pain or side effects.

It is a non-invasive treatment that consists of the application of high-frequency electrical currents that produce heat in the area to be treated. This generates an activation of blood circulation, cell activation, increased oxygenation of the tissues and increased production of collagen and elastin.

The treatment is painless and usually has a relaxing and pleasurable effect on the patient after the session.

It is used to treat problems such as sprains, breaks, cervical pain, haematomas, scars… In sports physiotherapy it accelerates recovery, which is why it is so popular among professional sportsmen and women.

Anti-gravity unit. Reduction of the effect of gravity for safe running or walking.

In the gym you will find the anti-gravity treadmill room. They have many applications: for example, to improve mobility in the legs, strengthen muscles, resistance, treatment for obesity…

Athletes who want to improve their fitness by training without gravity and, therefore, without impact, also use these treadmills to run without risk of injury.


Amadeo. Latest technology for hand rehabilitation.

This equipment has just arrived at Clínica Vila Parc. Its function is to recover the functionality of the hand and fingers. With this treatment, physiotherapists can treat the opening and closing of the palm of the hand, sensitivity, strength and fine motor coordination. It allows re-education of finger movement in a general and/or individualised way.

It can be very useful in cases of injury to the central or peripheral nervous system that have limited the mobility, strength or sensitivity of the hand and fingers (e.g. stroke, traumatic brain injury, neuropathies, traumatic injuries…).


Tecartherapy. Very effective for sports injuries

Techartherapy consists of the application of electromagnetic energy to the organism in order to produce biological and physiological reactions.

In physiotherapy, there are many indications: sprains, sports injuries, accident injuries, lymphatic drainage, carpal tunnel, lumbago, sciatica…

Athletes accelerate the supply of oxygen and blood to their muscles through the application of tecartherapy before sports practice, thus improving their performance.

After a competition, tecartherapy accelerates the athlete’s recovery time by stimulating the elimination of lactic acid. It also reduces the convalescence time for injuries.

It is indicated in cases of tendonitis, busitis, Achilles tendon, cruralgia, muscle overload, fibrillar ruptures, fluid mobilisation, healing after surgery, acute and chronic sprains, etc.

From the first session the patient notices improvement in the damaged area.


Prokin: is a stabilometry platform to improve the proprioceptive system.

This equipment evaluates the balance of patients and helps them to correct errors, both in an orthopaedic or neurological field and in the recovery phase of injuries.

Gyms and group classes.

Patients can attend different types of group and individual classes, for example, back school, limb strengthening or therapeutic exercise.

The pelvic floor physiotherapy centre (also on the first floor of the clinic) offers classes in hypopressive abdominal gymnastics, gymnastics for pregnant women and yoga, among others.

escuela espalda

Diamagnetic pump

Diamagnetotherapy is a non-invasive therapeutic method based on the use of high intensity magnetic fields to activate cellular mechanisms, reducing treatment times and improving the quality of life of patients.

Diamagnetic therapy acts on the internal and external roots of cells, stimulating the drainage mechanism and the regeneration of tissues (skin, muscles, nerves, bones…).

The diamagnetic pump is actually an accelerator of the diamagnetic processes. If we take into account that 60-80% of body structures are liquid and liquid is a diamagnetic material, we can understand its great capacity to act on tissues.

The pump works fundamentally in 3 areas:

  • Displacement of liquids. With them it is possible to considerably reduce any oedema or inflammation.
  • Endogenous stimulation. That is, tissue regeneration (skin, bone, tendon, nerve…).
  • Pain treatment.

Thanks to these 3 functions it is very effective and can be applied in many pathologies. Such as, for example:

  • Phlebology and Lymphology (lymphatic oedema, inflammatory, post-traumatic…).
  • Back pathology (herniated discs, lumbago…).
  • Muscle injuries.
  • Joint injuries (sprains, oedemas, arthrosis, arthritis…).
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Pain therapy
  • Neurological injuries
  • Treatment of ulcers, scars, etc…

How does ALTER-G work?

As we have already mentioned, ALTER-G was created by NASA to meet the need to restore muscle tone to astronauts returning from space who are prone to muscle atrophy due to continuous weightlessness.

Our anti-gravity treadmill uses a technology called DAP (Differential Air Pressure). This makes it possible to offload up to 80% of your body weight in jumps of 1 in 1% without changing your gait.

To give you an idea, a 75Kg person would reduce their weight by 80% and would be running as if they weighed 15Kg. ALTER G can reach 19km/h with an incline of up to 15%.

The ALTER G anti-gravity machine can be used by anyone weighing between 38Kg and 181Kg and between 120cm and 205cm tall. Users wear neoprene trousers, which seal the air chamber and calibrate the desired weight at each moment of the session.

ALTER G controls the weight precisely by adjusting it at the touch of a button. If you are a professional athlete or need rehabilitation after an injury or operation, the ALTER G anti-gravity treadmill is what you need.

What are the benefits of ALTER G Anti-Gravity Tape?

Injury rehabilitation

When you are injured, regaining strength and muscle tone can be a major effort. The anti-gravity strap minimises the impact, helping you to recover more quickly. The types of rehabilitation that can be solved by ALTER G are very varied.

  • Reduction of post-operative pain.
  • Faster rehabilitation after surgery.
  • Rehabilitation and training of patients with prostheses
  • Treatment of calcaneal spur of the foot.
  • Meniscus tear.
  • Ruptured fibres of the calf.
  • Achilles tendonitis.
  • Plantar fasciitis.
  • Ankle sprains.
  • Fracture of the lower limbs.
  • Operations on any part of the lower limbs.

Helping sportsmen and women

ALTER G improves athletic performance by avoiding the risks associated with normal training. Professional runners can benefit the most from the anti-gravity treadmill, as the impact of the weight is considerably reduced.

The weight can be regulated from the machine itself and many athletes already consider ALTER G as an essential machine for their training and rehabilitation in sports injuries, due to the following benefits:

  • Strengthens the musculature surrounding the joints.
  • Minimises movement stress during physical training.
  • Injured athletes can keep fit while recovering in a much shorter period of time.

Weight loss

Generally, overweight people find it very difficult to run on a treadmill. On the ALTER G anti-gravity treadmill, the person will have the sensation of running weighing much less, which makes training easier. Its main advantages are:

  • Greater metabolic control for people following a weight loss programme.
  • Improved cardiovascular health in patients who want to lose weight but cannot do sport due to a medical problem.

Elderly people

Cardiovascular treadmills are used for elderly people to improve their mobility in daily activities and to increase their independence. Other aspects in which ALTER G helps the elderly are:

  • Improved strengthening.
  • Rehabilitation of the lower body.
  • Neurological training.
  • Prevention of falls.
  • Pathologies such as diabetes, heart problems, etc.
  • Arthritis problems.
cinta antigravedad ALTER G

Why have we opted for the Alter G anti-gravity treadmill in our clinic?

The Polyclinic Group strives to offer the highest quality and the best services in each of our specialities that we offer our patients.

We implement the best machines and technologies with the intention that each of our clients are not only satisfied, but that they achieve all their rehabilitation goals in the shortest possible time.

At Fisioterapia en Ibiza we are up to date with the latest technological innovation and together with our team of professionals, we give an unbeatable treatment to our patients.